Why I write Poetry

I don’t have the eyesight
To be a beekeeper
Science requires an eagle eye for detail
It’s the big picture for me

I don’t have the ear
To be a musician
Music takes me away
Someplace inside

hand-eye coordination I lack
and I am slow to react
Way too competitive to enjoy losing
So, sports are a fumble

Farming is out
My back can’t handle it
and disappointments hurt the heart so
Instead, I relish what God and stronger ones can grow

With nothing else to do
I can be still
delve within
and bring gems to the surface

God gave me a rhythm
and intuition’s divine imagination
I can sense the beat of hearts and the times
Sensing Spirit’s Synchronicity

Each day an adventure
Each decade new stories to tell
Too many words confuse me
So poetry it is

Allan David Smith-Reeve
Kingfisher Bay June 2024 retreat

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  1. Rodney

    I’m appreciate you and your poems, brother!

  2. gail/bill corbett

    Lovely poem Allan!
    Photo of heart… a poem too!

  3. Dianne Clowater

    Hi Allan! Although I haven’t seen you in some time, this poem reminds me of the you I knew during the year I was in Peterborough. You were one of my many blessings. 😊


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