The Voyageur

The Voyageur


In his grandmother’s Korean Catholic sanctuary

Pews for 500 filled

I shared the story of John singing

from the back of the canoe

U2’s “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”


I wasn’t surprised that so many there

from so many diverse circles mourning as one

claimed “he was my best friend”

because he was mine.


We met in a Sanctuary of new believers

Struck with the fire of the holy

God’s sorrow was in his flesh

and the joy of the Maker’s gifts in his bones


At the back, on the fringes where he was drawn

In prayer He stood bent back like a willow

soaking in the divine moment

overflowing with its grace.


His laugh was like some jungle bird’s

His sincerity drew you into belonging

His passion was for restoration

Turning wasted land, wasted gifts, into gardens


“She moves in mysterious ways”

She moved thru John Suk Soo Chang

fanning the flame in each of us

seeking balance, seeking peace, seeking beauty, seeking unity


Bright, laughing, surging waters

Shining Stone Suk Soo

You drew him down into Your flow

For here, he could not get any higher

Allan David Smith-Reeve

Remembering John


“The Voyageur” written and edited by Alan Collins

A tribute to John Suk Soo Chang

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