This U.S. based program is currently being used in 370 communities in Canada & the U.S.

Bridges Out of Poverty is an orientation that answers the question “Why don’t middle-class solutions work for most low-income people?” Crossing the “bridges” begins with an analysis of the different “cultures” low-income, middle-class, and wealthy families “swim” in.

If you didn’t grow up in poverty, you may be unaware of the “hidden rules” that govern many aspects of life for the poor. People in poverty are often in survival mode, and support systems taken for granted in middle class and wealth are largely nonexistent. If your business, agency, or church works with people from poverty, a deeper understanding of their challenges – and strengths – helps you partner with them to create opportunities for success.

Orientation workshops are currently being delivered by Suzie Johnson of the City of Peterborough Social Services Department.

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