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Poet Ross Gay has got me noticing.
Noticing how grief and sorrow are at the circle’s beginning that ends with the joy and delight of living. Or, is it that the circle begins with joy and ends with grief? Maybe it depends on the day, the season, the era, or the hour.

What Gay does is capture what’s worth noticing as delightful – even while the depths of despair are ever-present.

By noticing how the morning’s light rain lingers as a single drop from the daisy’s petal as the sun emerges to cook up another steamy day – I can commune with a sacred dose of beauty even while the news reports how global temperatures have already met the 1.5 degree increase that world leaders said they’d work to avoid.

How a cool breeze in the shade of Poplars twisting leaves is like a drink from a mountain stream. And the sound of that wind in those leaves – brings to mind that clear running brook.

Those moments of delight are like the electric-motor on my bicycle that helps me pedal up another steep hill that normally would have defeated me. The glimmer of sacred beauty gets me over – or through – the dread; the soul-sucking anxieties of what new suffering lies in wait on the other side.

Not “don’t worry be happy” but be present to both. Breathe in the worry, notice the moment between in and out, and then breathe out the delight of that moment into this world of wonders.

Allan David Smith-Reeve
July 9, 2024

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  1. Li

    With new rain awe I wake to these words that soften my gaze into wonder.
    Under the veneer of fear our synergy to love everything collides and we see the perennial truth that is core to all connection.
    Thank you.🦋


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