Using the successful Bridges Out of Poverty process, the City of Peterborough has been working with groups low income people in our community to develop life plans.

Now Bedford House is forming our first Bridging Teams.

In Bridging Teams, low-income team members are recognised as the lead problem-solvers. Who knows better the daily challenges of juggling priorities and managing without resources?

Middle and upper-income Mentors bring their curiosity, encouragement, community connections, and life-experience to the table.

Together, meeting regularly in a group, Bridging Teams encourage and support low-income individuals and families in building their bridges out of poverty. We invite you to join us as a volunteer Mentor.

A mentor is… a coach / a supporter / a motivator / an advisor / an advocate / a role model  a companion / a judgement-free listener.

A mentor is NOT… a surrogate parent / a teacher or tutor / a psychologist / An ATM / a savior / a professional counsellor / a social worker

To become a volunteer Mentor:

  • Be in touch (see contact information below)
  • Have a short interview with Bedford House staff
  • Take part in a 2-day training, and
  • Meet weekly, in a group, for 18 months

For more information (like what to expect, what not to expect, attributes of a good Mentor, etc.), to volunteer or donate in support of this life-changing work, email or call or text us at 705-957-2391 today. We’d love to hear from you.

If you know someone who might be interested – please share this page with them.