In a circle

In a circle.
We sit equ-distance
from the centre.

The centre is a sacred place
a safe place
a place that no one owns

wouldn’t it be nice

if my seat were the centre
and all would come
to where I live

see things through my eyes
know my truths
feel my heart

wouldn’t it?

I am but one spoke of this wheel
So how can I be the hub
That no one owns?

The holy place
Where no one and everyone

Allan David Smith-Reeve
June 12, 2023
A ruby-throated tiniest bird told me to share this

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  1. Dawn Cox

    Thanks Allan.

  2. Jo Hayward-Haines

    True. That sacred centre is the space for many supposedly differing views

  3. Jo Hayward-Haines

    The heart. Yes. That whole truth, in all dimensions. To live it is to live in love, and to live in love is to faintly and continually console all grief.


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