Changing the Conversation around Poverty…


Growing relationships for the eradication of poverty’s destabilizing effects on our community’s health.


Bedford House will be a community catalyst for social and spiritual responses to our changing times.

Our Fall/Winter 2019/20 Programs

Coming this Fall & Winter! We’ll be starting up our Bridging Teams — “Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’-By World” program (for under-resourced Participants), & the Mentors-to-allies Training (for future Volunteer Mentors). Email and ask us if it’s a good fit for you. Looking forward to building more relationships and seeing them grow.

Bedford House is offering both of these weekly programs for Under-Resourced Participants, and for Future Mentors who are interested in volunteering with our Neighbours Network and Bridging Teams Project. 

What we offer:

Getting Ahead Mentor-to-Ally training (including the GA Book)
Weekly meetings including, Food, Fun & Stories
Friendships for life!
Check out the Bridging Team video below to see for yourself!.

For further information and any questions regarding these programs, please email us at bedfordhouse551@gmail.com, or you can contact Katherin at 647-298-5331.