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The fall newsletter is here. Also, you can read about the Bridging Artists Innovation on the Bridges Peterborough Project Page

Four Chambers of my Heart

NOTE: Blood comes into the right atrium from the body, moves into the right ventricle and is pushed into the pulmonary arteries in the lungs. After picking up oxygen, the blood travels back to the heart through the pulmonary veins into the left atrium, to the left ventricle and out to the body's...

Spontaneous Soulworks

Spontaneous Soulworks. Excerpts from Thomas Berry. To understand the human role in the functioning of the Earth we need to appreciate the spontaneity in the natural world.

The first seven years

The first seven years “The first seven years of our lives form the emotional foundations we build our lives upon.” Says Canadian Doctor Gabor Mate. “And the first three years form our emotional floor. If these are solid, grounded, stable, we are able to withstand all of life’s emotional storms.”...

In a circle

In a circle. We sit equ-distance from the centre. The centre is a sacred place a safe place a place that no one owns wouldn’t it be nice if my seat were the centre and all would come to where I live see things through my eyes know my truths feel my heart wouldn’t it? I am but one spoke of this...

A Future Story

The gift of imagination is a divine birthright we have been given to use (or abuse) to be co-creators of our days, our families, and our communities. Bill Plotkin in his book “Soulcraft” captures a teaching about two threads, or two paths we can weave in our lives. The Survival Dance and the Soul...

2022 Annual Report

This year, the annual report is available as an “e-book” that you can read online.

Enough Already

Enough already Our local economy, our local watershed, is our household. In our household there are some with more than enough. In our household there are some with less than enough.   In a consumer culture we can forget how to depend on one another. How might we re-imagine our common good?...


Winter 2023, draft for Bedford House Annual Report Here we are again at the end of another amazing year of grassroots relationship-growing. Lots of lessons learned. The challenges of being “guided by the voices of under-resourced catalysts” while trying to meet the expectations of an...

if the voices of marginalized peoples

I came across the Alliance model for change on a visit to Calgary last spring. Lead organizer Ryan Anderson gave me a thumbnail of how ordinary citizens have been Changing the Conversations in Calgary’s municipal politics.

The Magic of Aging

The Magic of Aging

 The Magic of Aging Explore the magic and mystery of aging consciously! Don’t let yourself just become old! Let’s discover the rich potentials that await us if we open our minds and beliefs to the endless possibilities of who we have yet to become.  

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Our guest at last wednesday’s “Subversive Faith” interview, Ann Naylor, started me down this path. Some of the things she said have stayed with me. Listening to someone’s story of faith can stir the embers of our own stories.

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