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An Oasis moment: Neighbours Network August 4th 2021

 “For all of us who’ve felt like we didn’t belong, like we didn’t fit, or were made to feel as if we were deficient in various ways - it feels like we’ve created a place where our differences are celebrated, or at least tolerated with kindness and compassion.”In the midst of a summer with record...

Gift Economy

“a tree can only be as strong as the forest that surrounds it”

Poverty’s not the Problem

What if we chose to talk instead about our failure to redistribute wealth effectively?
What if the problem has very little to do with “the poor”?
What if the problem is actually those of us who enjoy privilege and wealth?

Celebrating Graduates at the Neighbour Network

It was an inauguration of what we’re calling the Neighbour Network.

From Mentor to Ally

What if poverty’s “clients” became leaders instead in the growing of an organic model of shared prosperity?

Turn, Turn, Turn

There is a time…

Grassy Narrows

You know you are on the way – on the path that you were invited to walk when born – when these days of doubt arrive.

The Magic of Aging

 The Magic of Aging Explore the magic and mystery of aging consciously! Don’t let yourself just become old! Let’s discover the rich potentials that await us if we open our minds and beliefs to the endless possibilities of who we have yet to become.  


Our guest at last wednesday’s “Subversive Faith” interview, Ann Naylor, started me down this path. Some of the things she said have stayed with me. Listening to someone’s story of faith can stir the embers of our own stories.

All my Relations

When certainty collapses, it’s often replaced by curiosity.

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