Bedford House

In the fall of 2014, a small group of people launched an investigation into the feasibility of creating a faith-based community-development learning centre.
Bedford House Board

Our Founding Objectives:

To provide “small is beautiful”, local & accessible programs to meet current needs.

To support the creation of a self-defining community of faith among unchurched folks over the long term.

To generate short-term community-development projects arising from the above.

Our Founding Questions

  • How to serve the spiritual needs of those who are un-churched and multi-faithed?
  • How to set aside old categories that divide us
    (eg. churched and unchurched) so as to root new gatherings of people in the ancient truth that by opening hearts, minds, and wallets – we discover inspired-purpose, faithful-generosity, and a communal-wellbeing.
  • How can we keep the overhead of Bedford House low without incurring high operational costs?
  • How can we sustain the inspired leadership of Lynn Smith-Reeve and Allan Reeve-Smith spiritually and financially as they pursue this faith journey full of risks?
  • How to ensure that individuals who have low-incomes will not face barriers to participation?
  • And how will these invitations to transformation result in “enough” to sustain the roots, branches, leaves and flowering that bring the fruit in due season?

Our Mission

To be a faith-based, community development, learning centre that encourages and equips leaders to engage in the urgent needs of our times.

We Value

Small group learning multi-faith perspectives the wisdom of storytelling the significance of every voice innovation, experimentation, and curiosity the power of questions

Our Story

Bedford House is a catalyst for social, economic, and spiritual innovation.

Read about our story and learn about Bedford House in our 2022 Annual Report. 

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