Bedford House

a catalyst for social, economic, and spiritual innovations.

Founding Question

How might a small, under-resourced, group of people, from a variety of faith streams – and none, make a significant difference in our community?


Bedford House Community Ministry is a catalyst for social, economic, and spiritual innovations.


To create spaces where people of all faiths – and none – might engage in “sacred conversations” and experiments – to co-create a community that is ecologically sustainable, socially equitable, and spiritually fulfilling.

Our Story

Lynn’s story is at the root of Bedford House’s origins. 

the seventh wave

the seventh wave

Can we hear the ancient call to repent and follow Jesus’ fearful path towards a counter-cultural witness? 

The second decade of this century saw three, inter-related, historic waves crashing on the shores of Canadian consciousness.  While each of these powerful realities are not new – we’ve been warned for decades that the reckoning is coming – it seems to me that the “seventh wave” – – the largest and most powerful in a series – has crashed this year on all three of these powerful realities.

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